Our potato books &
educational materials

The Great Potato Book by Meredith Sayles Hughes & Tom Hughes, published by Macmillan, NY, 1986. The history of potatoes illustrated with artifacts and images from The Potato Museum collections. Chapters include: the living potato; the powerful potato; the delicious potato; the valuable potato; the well-traveled potato and the playful potato.

Buried Treasure, by Meredith Sayles Hughes (Lerner Publications, 1998). Potatoes in space? Super-nutritious carrots? A 1,500-pound tapioca pudding? This lively book helps students connect root gardening with history, biology, cultural studies, and more with intriging historical anecdotes, in-depth views of planting and harvesting, and detailed diagrams of these important vegetables. Packed with colorful illustrations and photos.

Potato Power Poster &
"What Can You Teach with a Potato?" Lesson Plan

"Potato Power:
Potatoes Fuel People, Animals & Machines"

Because of its high starch content, the potato is an important human energy source. This same starch can be converted to ethanol alcohol, a gasoline substitute which can be used as an alternative fuel. The Germans used the potato as a fuel source during World War II. Farmers in Canada have used potato fuels to power their farm equipment.

Lesson plans included on the back of the poster include:
--research project about industrial use of potatoes for alterntive fuels;
--potato vocabulary search;
--potato printing art activity;
--making mashed potatoes and potato chips;
--proving potatoes have starch;
--small container potato growing;
--observating botanical features of a potato.

All these items and more available by contacting Tom or Meredith Hughes at The Potato Museum, 505 401 8922.