Potato Cookery: Specialties

Pommes de Terre Soufflees
Antoine's Restaurant, New Orleans, USA



Puff potato pockets are served in potato baskets as an appetizer
at New Orleans' venerable Antoine's Restaurant.


The potatoes (left) are served in woven and fried potato peel
baskets with a hunk of bread as a base.


The history of puffed potatoes or pommes soufflees has to do
with a King of France being late to lunch on a journey once and
a harried cook having to improvise something special when the
rest of the meal was ruined.

"Aged" potatoes are cut in rectangles using a mandolin cutting blade,
rinsed in cold water, deep fried and switched to hotter oil
at first sign of puffing.

Here's a look at Antoine's Restaurant's website.

Potato items on the menu include:

Vichyssoise $6.25/$7.25
The classical cold potato soup (flavored with
chicken broth and finished with heavy cream)

Pommes de terre au gratin $6.25
Potatoes in a rich cream sauce baked in a
casserole with a light cheese gratinee

Pommes de terre brabant $6.00
Little diced potatoes fried and served with melted butter

Pommes de terre soufflees $6.25
The classical Antoine’s dish fried potato puffs