2001 Irish Television documentary features The Potato Museum collection and the work of Tom and Meredith in promoting the importance of the role of the potato in history.

2002-2003 The Hugheses take their popular program "Planet Potato" on the road to diverse audiences in Texas, Arizona, Minnesota, Missouri and California.

El Camino Real International Heritage Center hires us to present educational programs in schools and festivals in Southern New Mexico.

2004-05 The Hugheses travel throughout France, Belgium and the UK researching a series of guidebooks on food museums and heritage sites. Discussions begin on establishing a permanent home in Europe for The Potato Museum.

2005-2006  After the Hugheses finish a 10,000 km trip around France, Meredith writes Gastronomie: Food Museums and Heritage Sites of France, published by Bunker Hill. Tom Hughes does all the planning and photography for the book.


2008-2010  Approached by the US Botanic Garden in Washington, DC, to come up with an exhibition, The Potato Museum produces Spuds Unearthed!, an exhibit about the global potato, its history and culture. The exhibit is supported by a range of educational programming for people of all ages. 


America: "Why We Love Her"
Exhibit at Denver International Airport

Notice that The Potato Museum is the only listing
for Washington, DC,
and the museum has not been there for a decade!