The Potato Museum

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Potatoes, the enduring underground treasure of the Andes, are responsible for the Lumiere Brothers' autochromes, the world's first color photography process which used colored starch granules adhered to a glass plate, and many other inventions, like potato "nails" for speeding up baking.  Potatoes were rationed in England during WWI and people sent "scarcity" postcards to one another, remembering their favorite veg. Two of the world's most recognized paintings are Van Gogh's "Potato Eaters" and Millet's "Angelus." Did you know there are over a thousand industrial uses for the potato, including adhesives, packaging, lubricants and additives? Potatoes are used in beer, wine, pizza and candy. 

Did You Know?

Potatoes were celebrated with their own International Year in 2008. Wherever potatoes have been grown chronic malnutrition has been eliminated. The traditional hot potato passing game has gone electronic. A popular early 20th century parlor race game was played with tiny wooden potatoes and spoons.  "Steamboat Willy" was the first talking Mickey Mouse cartoon. Potatoes were the first GMO vegetable. Potato starch makes possible a variety of biodegradable products. The US state of Idaho has proudly proclaimed its "famous potatoes" for a century. Racetracks, toy guns, ciggies, nightclubs have been named for the spud. Mashed potatoes are an ingredient in some ice creams and donuts too. Belgian potato vendors use a special scoop.  Finnish farmers grow their potatoes on islands and sail over to Helsinki where they sell straight from their boats.