The Potato Museum

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Yes, we still own the potato collection, said to be the world's largest on the history and social influence of the powerful potato. The Potato Museum has been part of two major exhibitions at the same time, one at the Smithsonian's Natural History Museum, another at Canada’s Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa. In 2010 TPM was a major organizer and exhibitor at the US Botanic Garden in DC, presenting "Spuds Unearthed!" to record crowds.


Now we seek a buyer for the array of well over 7000 items, in addition to a potato book library. The objects gathered worldwide range from agricultural and kitchen tools to spud-themed movie clips; the collection includes toys and games, lithographs, musical instruments, South American hand tools and clay images, botanicals, old photos, postcards and stamps, potato chip, mashies, and fries items galore, dolls and jewelry, menus, currency, paintings and prints, sports memorabilia, posters and potato sacks. And more.



Whether an individual or an institution or an auction house buys the collection, she/he or it will likely be surprised at how favorably the public responds to the in depth story of the potato, the emotional ties to an Aunt's mashies, or to eating Peru's papas Huancaina, Switzerland's rosti, or to childhood potato toys and games--former eBay and Hewlett-Packard chief executive, now US Ambassador to Kenya, Meg Whitman, evidently has a sizable Mr Potato Head collection-- to potato sack races, and a remarkable range of mashers....not to leave out collections of potato stamps, and postcards, and copies of Weird Al Yankovic's "Addicted to Spuds."  And did you know the first color photography was made possible by the potato?


It's all about telling a story, isn't it? 

We began collecting tuber-focused items in Brussels in 1975 and think now is the time to let go of what has been amassed and enjoyed by so many. And we will support an appropriate endeavor to establish The Potato Museum in your country, or a welcoming community.